Business owners are faced daily with increasing demands to "Go Green."  

Let us help you reach the next level preserving the balance between theTriple Bottom Line:  Environment, Society & Profit

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PMI Awards Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

to Local Business Owner!

Principal Organizational Introduction:

Exponential Possibilities Exist with Positive, Pro-Active Partnerships
Implementation (Innovation) Facilitator = Develop tools/resources to streamline systems & improve efficiency
Resource Concierge = Balance resources, utilize new technology, reduce staff time and streamline efforts

Living by my own passion to help others: I believe in pairing education, experience and training to encourage our community members to help share their individual talents to better our community. My expertise and skills could be of significant assistance to your organization. I would like to help you further your vision by expanding your resources.

From my project management experience and work with community organizations, I see many ways our positive, pro-active partnership could expand your network to further fulfill your goals and vision. I strongly believe in collaborations. I enjoy utilizing my skills to support worthy organizations whose focus is promoting and helping our community to become a stronger, more sustainable place to live, work and play.


Previous Announcements:

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Florida Environmentalist & Simply Green Solutions Owner Awarded

TogetherGreen Fellowship

Ellenton Woman Singled Out for Environmental Leadership
Honoree Receives Audubon/Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship

New York, NY, November 19, 2009 - An Ellenton, Florida woman is the recipient of a national fellowship designed to advance the work of individuals with outstanding leadership potential to help shape a brighter environmental future.

Yvette Little is one of 40 individuals nationwide selected as a 2009 TogetherGreen Fellow. The TogetherGreen Fellowship offers specialized training in conservation planning and execution, the chance to work and share best practices with gifted conservation professionals, and assistance with project outreach and evaluation. Each Fellow receives $10,000 towards a community-focused project to engage local residents in conserving land, water and energy, and contributing to greater environmental health.

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Additional Services:

Simply Green Solutions, LLC offers simple, effective options to green your business, community or home environment thus minimizing your imprint on the earth. We recognize businesses that make an extra effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Those businesses will be promoted and chosen over competitors that are not green. We work together to create simple solutions to reduce resource usage, to build the local economy and therefore save money while helping the environment. 

Simply Green Solutions, LLC seeks to find win-win solutions between business, community and the environment.


Driving our local economy to focus on principles of reduce, reuse and recycle - - community demand is paving the way for more innovative alternatives. Transforming the culture to expect green solutions instead of it being a “new trend” is transforming the economic development of corporate structure. Business leaders are responding to the demand of a changing economy. It is our responsibility as a community to continue demanding that change, expecting conservation of resources, encouraging principles of environmental stewardship from corporations and our business leaders.

Simply Green Solutions helps you to bridge that gap. We bring transformation to an event or project that puts a unified approach striving for environmental responsibility. Improving your organizations position and respect is further promoted by demonstrating commitment of the 3 R Principles: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Long-term savings are achieved by cutting down on material cost, energy savings, water use reduction; meanwhile, the positive reinforcements and recognition can raise an organization’s reputation multi-fold. Significant benefits to the environment and community are recognized, industry standing is fortified, business partnerships are formed and public-awareness is pro-actively gaining a better reputation. Consumer and business demand for environmentally sustainable and socially responsible products and services climb steadily. We wish to reinforce the positive professional operations that businesses are adopting. Business sectors and additional consumer categories open up even more possibilities for emerging green leaders.


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