Customized Project Solutions


What do you NEED?

Each section below starts off with a question relating to YOUR Situation ...


What do you want to ACHIEVE?

Then you move on to the RESULT/OUTCOME you are looking to achieve...


HOW can you get there?

Realize CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS to get you to where you want to go!

Expand Your Business Outcomes

What do you NEED?

Do you …   
… have project ideas you need help initiating or moving into next phases?

… need to define project parameters, expectations and/or accountability tracking?  

What do you want to ACHIEVE?

  Completed Projects! 

Projects Planned, Initiated, Executed, Monitored/Controlled and Closed 

(& tools for staff to execute programs)  

HOW can you get there?

Customized Solutions   
By a Certified Project Manager (PMP)
A versatile, interim PMP to extend your staff capacity, enable initiation, execution, completion of projects to bring your visions to reality as outcomes are realized to improve your Organization’s maturity level

A desire for IMPROVED process?

 Do you …   
… need/want to conserve human capital time and energy to stretch resources farther?   

… want to build your organizational capacity?  

What RESULT do you want?

Desired Outcome
Process Improvement Strategies
are needed to expand organizational capacity, improve communication methods and reduce necessary staff inputs 

What can Simply Green Solutions do for YOU?

Customized Solutions   
Workflow Developer (Tracking Tools. Trainer)   Capacity Building Systems (Spreadsheets, Database Configuration, Strategic Planning)   Productivity Systems (Automation for Repetitive Tasks, Technology Platform Specialist, Procurement)  

Performance Optimization

How can you BALANCE resources?

  Do you …   

… lack intrinsic staff project management skills or follow-through abilities?   

… have limited staff hours to commit?   

… need an temporary Licenses Project Manager (PMP)?  

Need to improve team EFFICIENCY?

  Desired Outcome   

Performance Optimization  

Augment Staff Productivity 

Milestone Monitoring for Management  

Need Specialized SOLUTIONS?

  System & Design Strategist 

Problem-solver to evaluate and improve efficiency and effectiveness  

Evaluation & Monitoring Tools 

Specialized Tools, Staff/Org Specific Resources, Milestones 

Can PROCESS Improvement Help Reach Team Goals?

Do you …   
… need to streamline systems and process?   
… foster a desire to improve processes?   
… need processes and systems improved?  

Do You Want Better RESULTS?

Desired Outcome with RESULTS!
Improved Efficiency & Effectiveness!   Collaborative Staff and Vendor Tools Management Accountability Monitoring  

Need Operational STRATEGIES & Tools

Customized Solutions  
Operations Improvement Strategies

Master Database Creation (Excel-based, easy, sortable by staff, levels, groups, jobs, etc.)   

Accountability/Fulfillment Tracking Tools (Excel, responsibility monitoring tools)  

Human Capital Resources

Training & Team TOOLS

Do you …   
… want to expand tools and systems to help your current staff excel and expand their knowledge-base and capabilities?   

… want to train/re-train staff and establish Training Programs?

How to improve Human Capital Outputs?

  People-Centered, Time-Saving Productivity Tools to Increase Human Capital Outputs 

Need for dynamic tools to grow with your organization and its staff capacity  

How to implement Training & Best PRACTICES

  Evaluation & Monitoring Systems Specialized organizationally proprietary resources built based on your internal capacities and goals

Training Program Implementation   

Establish Best Practices (Systems, Tools…)  

Grant Administration

What do you NEED?

  Do you need a grant facilitation system?   

… need an experienced, comprehensive Grant Writer/Researcher/Administrator?   

… need to qualify potential grants before wasting resources pursuing? 

What do you want to ACHIEVE?

Increased Funding from Grant Awards!   

Funder’s Requirements Fulfillment 

Grant Planning Per Org Needs 

Execution of Grant Projects  

How can you get THERE?

 Grant Database Configuration

 Planning, prioritizing, staff scheduling, qualifications, deadlines, programs, funding needs, resources, Internal approvals, funders’ requirements, follow-up, fulfillment obligations/monitoring, project planning, lead contacts, websites with logins, grants history…

Event Planning & Facilitation

Lacking Staff RESOURCES?

Do you …   

… need a temporary Event Planner, Event Manager or Event Facilitator?   

… need for systems to enable staff to facilitate annual events in future years 

Do you want more SUCCESSFUL events?

Desired Outcome  =  Successful Events!

Lack of responsible, dedicated Event Staff   Need for duty fulfillment accountability   Manageable assignments & tracking  

Do you need EVENT Mgmt. Systems & Tools?

Customized Solutions for Your Needs!

Event Management System 

Master Event Database with built-in Accountability/Responsibility progress tracking, role responsibilities, establish repeating tasks, departmental budgeting, Vendors, planning details, notes, milestones, minute details for staff with higher level managerial monitoring

Establish annual event detailed processes to enable milestone monitoring and highly detailed staff assignments